D'Apprendre organised by Team Empresario on 26th of March 2012 was a huge success and was graced with the presence of two eminent speakers Mr. Anil Joshi , Operation Head at Mumbai Angles and Mr. Faisal Farooqui, Founder and CEO of Mouthshut.com who spoke about their journeys to realize their dreams and give a name to their trail-blazing endeavours.

The first speaker was the highly motivating Mr. Anil Joshi, who very effectively guided and instructed the aspiring entrepreneurs about different facets of entrepreneurship and the ways to start a new venture. His expertise as the Operations Head of a Venture capitalist firm and his cognizance in dealing with entrepreneurs enabled him to enlighten the audience with various tricks of the trade which an entrepreneur should be acquainted with in order to present his business plan to the VC. "Tell them what they want to hear" was the advice given by him to the aspiring entrepreneurs about dealing with VCs. His clear and precise way of addressing and erudite inputs as a VC held the audience spellbound.

The stage was then graced by the buoyant and highly expressive Mr. Faisal Farooqui, founder and CEO of Mouthshut.com, India's largest consumer-driven review platform with reviews on hundreds of thousands of products. Being an Information system graduate from US, he stressed on the importance of IT in today's world and how IT could open up new vistas of entrepreneurship. The audience was awestruck with his enigmatic personality and flamboyant attitude with which he delivered his unique ideas regarding various aspect of starting up a new venture. He also stressed on the importance of family support in starting a new venture and the relentless efforts one has to carry out to build a galaxy out of stardust.

The session came to a spectacular end with an interactive round of questionairre from the audience which the speakers were more than happy to answer. The event was a harmonic blend of both pragmatic approach of a VC and the passionate endeavour of a succesful entrepreneur. It was truly a celebration of the spirit of entrepreneurship that inspired and motivated both the students and faculty members alike to journey through the "Road less travelled by".

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